Facing social distancing challenges for your next event? The DEX Exhibit Systems family of double decks creates flexible space, allowing for safe passage through your exhibit. Give us a call or send us an email. We’ll be glad you did!

Quote Process:

Quote Process:

We only serve Exhibit, museum and event providers. We will not supply end users. Any information you send us (drawings, Powerpoint presentations etc) are treated with the utmost confidentiality. In cases where we are providing several quotes for the same opportunity, we will not share either the concepts or the fact that we providing quotes to others. All proposals are treated equally.

We are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Contact us:

Office:  317-548-8850

Cell: 317-691-8083

Email: salesandinfo@dexest.com

We need:

A description/drawings/renderings of how you are trying to serve your client.

A telephone number so we can call and better understand your goals.

We provide:

Design and engineering recommendations

Review of Code Compliance

Layout drawings for your approval

A proposal


I some cases we will provide a 3D model. There are many models available in the design section of DEXdeck.