Facing social distancing challenges for your next event? The DEX Exhibit Systems family of double decks creates flexible space, allowing for safe passage through your exhibit. Give us a call or send us an email. We’ll be glad you did!

Standard DEXdeck Rentals

Our standard rental decks are based on a 58” x 58” stressed skin deck panel and 96” clear under the beams. We most commonly use straight staircases because they use space more efficiently. Our stair halves are designed so they can be connected directly together to make a straight staircase or to a 90 degree or 180-degree landing.   Learn More.

Custom DEXdeck Rentals

We combine as many standard components as possible with the custom elements needed to execute your design as efficiently as possible. All designs are subject to Finite Element Analysis in Pro E by the independent structural engineer. He checks both compliance with IBC codes and local codes at the show city. All rentals have the required setup tools and comprehensive setup drawings.  Learn More.

DEXdeck Setup Drawing Gallery

Setup Drawing Gallery. View gallery of example images.  Learn More.