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Our columns all have adjustable feet.

They all have 1 7/8” access holes at every connection point so wires can be run through the columns. Wire access holes can be added to the bottom of the columns so wires can be run up through the columns from the floor.

The columns start at 4” square and are sized to satisfy code requirements depending on the number of columns and the height under the beams. We have built a 20’ x 40’ structure with 14’ clear under the beams with only 6 columns (every 20’).

In a recent bid we had only 62% of the number of columns of the competitive solution, reducing weight, setup time and cost. This gave the designers much more design flexibility because the structure was much more open.

Our structures are generally designed without cross-bracing, knee-bracing or attached walls.

Columns are typically powder coated. There are 150 standard colors.

They are shipped in high quality custom wood and felt blocking for maximum protection. The columns ship with the beams on rolling steel carts that can be stacked if needed.

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