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Stressed Skin Deck Panels

Stressed skin deck panel sizesOur deck panels are designed for a standard load rating of 125 lbs./ sq. ft.

Common sizes are 5’ x 5’ and 4’ x 8’, chosen to keep the deck panels light, so they are easy handled up on the structure, without compromising strength. The deck panels are machined on a CNC router ensuring close tolerances on the shape and size. Custom shaped decks are only about 10% more. The upper and lower skins are ½” birch plywood for enhanced point load capacity.

The stressed-skin decks have an EPS foam core bonded with structural polyurethane adhesive to the plywood skins. The foam core provides effective sound insulation.

The deck panels are attached to the beam structure with proprietary spring-loaded J bolts that capture the angled top lip of the beams. This quick-acting fastener is vibration proof. Adjacent deck panels are roto-locked together.

For designs that don’t have a dropped ceiling, we glue a fire-retardant ribbed carpet to the underside of the deck panels. This is a durable, low maintenance finished ceiling that enhances sound absorption. Light tracks, product or monitors can be attached and moved on the underside of the deck panels without showing fastener locations.hosen to keep the deck panels light,  the are easy handled up on the structure, without compromising strength.

The deck panels are shipped on custom pallets.

Holes up to 6” in diameter can be drilled anywhere in the stressed skin deck panels. Larger holes must be reviewed by the certifying engineer.

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